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Chinese Visa Service

              For Chinese Visa service since 2010 has changed new regulation on many applications for Chinese Visa from Chinese Embassy in Thailand, until has problem to person who required to application Chinese Visa continuously. Due to incomplete document is become waste time to new application,Candovisa is ready for provide service to general people is package as single or group you mustn’t travel to submit at Embassy.

Chinese Visa Service

Chinese Tourist Visa
Chinese Visa Service               For application Chinese Tourist Visa is not over            1 week and fee of application for Thai nationality 1,000 baht, express fee within one day 2,200 baht and express for 2 working days 1,800 baht.

             *But for fee of application visa of foreigner price is different as that nationality*

             Chinese Tourist Visa has expiry 6 months after approved visa, person who was approved tourist visa from Chinese government don’t permit to work while residing at China and resident in China over than specified in visa has effect to next application visa.

Chinese Visa Service
        *Remark: Visa for multiple 6 months and multiple 1 year, applicant must have original invitation letter from Chinese government.

       Remark: - Traveller who has age from 5 years must personal application at Service Center of Chinese Visa, they are scan fingerprint and take photo and if applicant is group from 5 persons, student applicant, student follower and permanent applicant must advance appointment.
                    - Schengen Nations and nationality in Europe must express application for 4 working days only.
                    - Countries was approved Chinese visa unnecessary to application and staying for 14 days; Japan, Singapore, Brunei.
                    - Blue government officer passport is unnecessary to application visa, staying for 30 days or 60 days depend on immigration bureau of Chinese.

Chinese Visa Service
    Document of application Chinese visa
           Passport has over 6 months and old passport (if any) book must have blank page at least 3 pages.
           Color photo, back is white size 2’’ for 1 photo, take photo not over 6 months and background must not scarlet or dark red strictly.
           Copy of house registration /copy of identification card/copy of government officer card/copy of change name-surname, certificate of divorce and certificate of marriage must original/copy of birth certificate.
           Certificate of work (for first entry and foreigner)
           Reservation resident /hotel if stay with relative must ask for document is specified including front of passport of person who co-habit.
           For person who has age lower than complete 18 years old, single travel or travel with other not father-mother or guardian must have letter of consent from father-mother or guardian.
           Copy of book bank first page and last page (Balance more than 50,000 baht) * In case of never application Chinese Visa or used to application visa not over than 2 years up*
           Visa form: Complete fill in and signature for 1 copy

    Chinese Business Visa
             - Original invitation letter from Chinese Government

             - Invitation card from any exhibition such as trade fairs at Guangzhou, trading negotiation and so on.

    Chinese Student Visa
              1. Study not less than 6 months or more than 6 months

                          - Primary and secondary education student who application parent must resident at China otherwise must formal authorized to person who permanent resident at China is parent of student, after certified power of attorney must re-certify at Chinese Embassy and must submit acknowledgement from school.

                          - Higher education must submit visa form for foreigner student which seal from authorized organization from China (form JW101 or JW102), acknowledgement of study, original check-up and copy.

             2. Short-term study less than 6 months, invitation letter from Chinese government or form JW101 (or JW 102) and acknowledgement.

    Chinese work visa

           Correct fill in form, thoroughly, careful and completely   Being consideration visa embassy may be check data or facts of applicant without notify. Moreover, visa service center we are service for visa of betrothed, work, student and others including service of document preparation, consulting problem after denied visa. If required more detail or assistant please directly contact at
Chinese Visa Service


          Chamchuri Square, 24th Floor room 048,
          319 Phayathai Road,Pathumwan,Bangkok,10330
          Website: www.candovisa.com
          E-mail: support@candovisa.com
          More information:
          Address: 57 Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10310
          Tel.: 0-2245-7043-4
          Fax: 0-2245-7032
          Submit time: 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM
          Received time: 15.00 PM - 16.00 PM

Period of visa application.

Translation, linguistic service

Frequent questions.


              Period of visa application in
      country: It takes different time,
      in most cases, 30 days or less,
      by dividing the visa into 3 types;

                 Temporary visa.
                 Permanent visa.
                 Yearly visa.
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รับแปลเอกสาร แปลภาษา

       Candovisa Translation Center develops the
quality checking system from the method of
work acceptance until the final checking
to ensure that the translation
work we deliver to our customer is most
accurate with the original.

       The translation service, One Call Service,
is the simple procedure..

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ขอ visa

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       Schengen visa or not ?
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       documents for the visa aplication ?
     5. By what methods could the passport be
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